Saturday, August 29, 2009

Thank you Barbara!

Look what I found when I got home from the movies tonight????
My bottle! From Barbara in MN who sent me a lovely bunch of goodies!
Lots of teas - which is great - I love a variety and it is great to get new ones to try (like the Ginger Energizer!!! I will be needing that when I get back to work in a week and a half).
A book that I am looking forward to reading - by Charlaine Harris - one of the Aurora Teagarden mysteries - A Bone to Pick. I enjoy that series and havent read many of them so it is very nice to get a book I have never even heard of!
Tootsie rolls - are those gumballs Barbara? - some chocolates which are in ther refrig right now - it has been over 100 degrees here yesterday and today! Some mints in a nice little tin which whill make a great stitchmarker holder when it is empty! A great little purse which I have already put to use holding my clover tapestry needles.
See the cute little ducky? and the lovely GREEN yarn???? I hope I havent missed anything but I am melting right now....
BTW I highly recommend seeing Julie and Julia - Meryl Streep is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Barbara B. Solbrig said...

I am so glad I sent a book you haven't read yet! Tootsie roll pops and super-bouncy balls, no gumballs! (My cat, Oribel, stole one of the bouncy balls you were supposed to get, but I decided to let her keep it, since I had several.)
I wish it was even warm here. Well, it is up to 66 today, but that isn't very warm for August in MN!