Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Murder Most Crafty - Crafts by Mary Lynn

Okay, to be honest, I get this craft habit from my Mom. Although I have to admit that she was definitely more of an artist than I!

I can tell you though, like my Mom, I am willing to try just about any craft and reading the book, I would have tried any of the crafts . . . well maybe not tying flies . . . but I assume if I fished, I might appreciate the craft of the thing.

After my Dad died (in 1985), I took my Mom shopping most Saturdays. Usually, the shopping consisted of groceries but often, we did other fun shopping. And, often went to craft shows or for workshops. We learned how to hook rugs (not latched . . . we did that as kids . . . but punch hook and regular rug hooking). We learned how to do pottery and uphostery and quilting.
Anyway, the tree of life is a punched needle rug that is in my son's bedroom. He loves the colors and textures.

The bag was designed by my 15 year old and made by me. She had seen a purse like it in Canada but refused to ante up the $80 for it (and I wouldn't either . . . LOL). She was surprised at the amount of work involved. She and I cut out the squares, I did all the sewing and she got to press all the seams. On the other hand, she has had several of her friends ask her were she got her bag.


Jane said...

That rug is gorgeous! There is a group in town that does rug hooking and they make the most amazing rugs - well they are really wall hangings. I love the bag too - you are VERY talented!

Joyce said...

Wow! How neat to do so many different things. They're lovely! My Dad made one hooked rug, and worked on it twice a year, during the broadcast of General Conference for our church. He finally finished it, but it took awhile.

MLJ1954 said...

Thank you.

Luckily, I have a couple of my Mom's hooked rugs. None of which are on the floor, generally, they are draped over the backs of chairs. Some of our shopping consisted of going to Goodwill and finding good wool suits that she could cut into 1/8" or 1/16" strips and dye into the appropriate colors for her art. And you should see her quilts. Amazing.

danielle said...

They are both gorgeous!
And I bet, after making it, you can better appreciate the price tag on the purse - it is beautiful! (And blue isnt even my color of choice!)

Stephanie... said...

they're all just stunning. FYI, I have never quilted, hooked a rug, crocheted, etc BUT i have tied flies!

kadezmom said...

I've meaning to post that I love both of your projects...yes the hooked rug takes the cake, but I love blue and both pull at my heart strings. What a great find! I just inherited the last of Granny's craft stuff (she's been gone 11 - 12 yrs, but my mom just cleaned the basement) I wonder what trouble I'll get into! The quilled paper is calling my name. Wonder what book will inspire that.