Friday, August 28, 2009

Bottle Swap received from Joan

As many of you know, I have packages delivered to my office. This is mostly because we aren't home most days AND our mailbox is out at the street.

So, it is great fun when I got my bottle yesterday. Actually, Lily who delivers our mail, had a parade of people following her wanting to know what it was that I was getting. My fun was that I didn't open it right away. The bottle was handled by several people all of whom were trying to figure out what exactly was in it, followed by how did the stuff get in there. Ha!

So, this morning, I opened the bottle from Joan in Texas! It is a great bottle jam packed with great stuff!

There were two skeins of Noro Silk Garden (Color No. 284, in blues and purples with touches of brown and green . . . all my favorites).
Also there were many wonderful other things best described in Joan's note which says:
"The bookmark is, of course, to keep your place in the latest WhoDuKnit. Thekeychain and emery board are souveniers of Texas. The Wise Little Owl timble is in recognition of your prowess in the Trivia Challenge. Keep your hands clean (soap) and soft (lotion) while you nibble on chocolate . . . ."
Plus there was a magnet, a tape measure and a little bag to hold many of the goodies.
Thank you Joan for all these wonderful things.

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Jane said...

Very nice! I love that Noro yarn!