Monday, August 24, 2009

Ah, ha! I pulled the good straw AGAIN.

Thank you Nate. Can't say I mind a bit that you went to the puffy! The spoils have been divvied up.....and life is good. I love all of it. The sewing kit will go to work with me. There's been more than once I wish I had one with me. You wouldn't believe some of the things that I see getting worn...and broken, at school. Stapler repairs aren't always good. I look forward to listening to the Christmas CD. Looks to be a good one. The yarn I will stare at for awhile until the perfect project pops into my head (and it will). Katie took off with the gum, Dee with the candle (and both are as thrilled as can be for teens---I even got bear ROCK). The hand sanitizer they explained they just couldn't live without (or, of course, they will die of h1n1.....not to be dramatic or anything) and the sunblock....well, I'm fair skinned and my hair isn't the thickest and always has a part, so my anti-lobsterness is very thankful.

thanks so much for brightening up my Monday!


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Jane said...

Great job Nate - I guess you are forgiven! LOL