Saturday, February 14, 2009


Whoduknit Mystery Yarn Ball Swap

(For Whoduknit Members Only!)

Is anyone ready for another swap? This is one of my favorite swaps - and usually does not take a lot of time or money - something we all seem to have very little of these days. We've done this one before. If you are a new member - here is how it works:
You take one skein of yarn, or two if it's a very small skein, and wind or re-wind it up into a ball. As you wind you add little goodies to the yarn ball. Sometimes these balls look more like lumps - but that's okay! After all of the goodies are wound into the ball, you send it off to your pal along with a mystery pattern for your pal to knit with the yarn. As she/he knits the pattern the goodies fall out. Stash yarn is fine to use. The goodies can be anything from stitch markers, row counters, cable needles, handmade items, candy, charms, buttons, stamps, stickers, jokes, to $100 bills (kidding!) Once you start -the ideas will come to you! The only rule is that everything you send to your pal has to be wound up in the yarn ball, except for the pattern. Sometimes things end up sticking out - but as long as they are part of the ball it counts. Then we post photos or descriptions of the ball when we receive it, and the finished project with all the goodies when we finish it. There is no time limit on how soon you have to finish knitting the pattern you receive with your yarn- cannot get all the goodies out until you do! No cheating!
Want to Play? Sign-ups begin now and end Feb. 23. You will receive your pal's name the first week in March. As always, it is up to you whether to remain anonymous or not. For some that is fun - for others it is a hassle - so do what is easiest for you. Deadline for mailing is March 31, but you can certainly mail earlier. And, oh yes, there is one more rule - you have to have fun!
E-mail me (grammieknitsatyahoodotcom) even if I already have this information, it's easier for me if you send it with your reply.
e-mail that you check frequently
blog address if you have one
Do you prefer to mail in the US or international?
Your promise that you will complete the swap!

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