Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Casting Spells Project

My Castin Spells project...

The book opens in chapter one... in Sugar Maple, Vermont So what better to project then a Sugar Maple design.

First I started off with the awesome orange and yellow colors of the leaves in the Fall in the Northeast, their beautiful colors can really cast a spell on you, don't you think?

And then a focus on the leaves themselves, blending with the green, after all Vermont is the Green Mountain State.

And then just a view of the two together. I sewed them together for a double thick padded square. It can be used as a pot holder or a hot pad or a very strong dishcloth. Perfect for scrubbing up the Maple syrup. LOL

Now to cast a spell on Jane so I can win the prize this month, LOL


Barbara B. Solbrig said...


Jane said...

Love it!!!!

Stephanie... said...

What a great cloth.