Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday Swap

I have been so spoiled by Sharon C.!!!!!!!!1

Look at this adorable ornament that she made for me - It is so precious, I just love it!

And the rest of my spoils...I am totally overwhelmed. The book is Slayride by Dick Francis, published in 1973 (I remember that year well LOL) I can't wait to read it. The recipe is for Light Ginger Cookies - these are my DH's favorites but he's only had store bought until now - won't he be surprised when I actually bake him some? The green you see in the picture is a package of Christmas tree peeps (the package has been opened since the picture was taken) But there is more - much more! The yarn is Zen Garden in my favorite shades of blue. I've never knit with this yarn before and it feels so soft, I've been sitting here squeezing it! And there were two knitting books in the box - One Ball Knits, which has been on my wish list for a long time, and a vintage (there's that word again!) knitting book, Sasha Kagan's Big & Little Sweaters and some fabulous colorwork designs. The kind of book you just want to look through again and again. Okay - I'm not done yet! Some sticky notes in the shape of a J, a Christmas pencil with gingerbread men erasers, a tiny notepad, a needle gauge, Christmas stickers, and a touching note telling me how much she enjoys the Whoduknit group -OMG - like I said I'm overwhelmed. Thank you so much Sharon.

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