Monday, December 01, 2008

Dead Until Dark Project

I finally finished my Dead Until Dark project. It is a scarf called Love Bites. I found the pattern on ravelry. It is a free pattern. It seems most people want to cover the "fang" bites from the vampires. I decided to embrace the fang bites instead. This scarf consists of two sets holes twice throughout the length of the scarf which represent those fang bites. There are also three sets of dropped stitches. I used yarn I purchased on my alpaca tour this past fall. It is mystery yarn meaning it is what was left over from the large drum carder at one of the farms we visited and it was then hand spun. There was 312 yds 108 gm.

Here is the yarn in a skein when I first purchased it.
Here is the scarf partially finished.

Here it is finished.
Here is a close up of the holes which are yarn overs and knit together.


kadezmom said...

What a nice looking scarf, Penny.

Penny said...


scarlet834 said...

I love your idea of including fang holes! (And the scarf is pretty enough for non-vampire lovers to wear also.)

MLJ1954 said...

Great pattern. I have the perfect suit that would look great with it!