Saturday, April 26, 2008

Whoduknit Spring Mystery Swap


The mystery in this swap won't be who , since it will be a mutual swap - the mystery will be what!
Here's how it works:
Part 1: You and your pal will send each other one skein of yarn. You know that special skein of yarn in your stash that you just couldn't resist buying but have no idea what to do with? Or maybe it's a single skein leftover from another project. Or, maybe it's even an excuse to go out and buy an interesting skein of yarn. You will want to get to know your pal first and find out if she has any fiber or other allergies and what her interests and knitting abilities are - you wouldn't want to send me some of your gorgeous lace yarn for example, since lace is still a mystery to me!
Part 2: When you receive the skein of yarn from your pal, you will knit something with it for her- this is the mystery. You won't be telling your pal what you are knitting.
Part 3: You will send the finished project back to your pal, along with a book you think she would enjoy, and maybe even her favorite treat.
Part 4: You will have made a new friend on Whoduknit, (or gotten to know an old one better) and you will have a handknit item that you didn't knit yourself!

Sign-ups for this swap are open now and will close on April 25. You'll receive your pal's name by May 1. Yarn should be exchanged by the May 14 and finished projects should be mailed by June 30. That should give you plenty of time to knit a one skein project.

E-mail me ( with:
Your name
Mailing Address
An E-mail address that you check frequently
Blog address if you have one
Do you prefer US or International?
Also, to help with match-ups:
Would you say you are a beginner,
intermediate or experienced knitter?
Do you have pets? Cat? Dog?
Smoke or smoke free home?

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Barbara B. Solbrig said...

Can we add a skein of yarn to theirs if we need/want to?