Monday, April 07, 2008

Five things about Mary Lynn

1. My husband and I will be married 28 years on April 18
2. Our kids are 22, 14 and 7
3. I am a stash, ummmm, what is the nice word for . . . ummmm . . . hoarder, yeah, that's it.
4. I can sew incredible things but can have hems and buttons that need to be fixed or replaced
5. On April 29, I am going to have my past the middle of my back, hair cut and dyed and my husband will lose his strength . . . sigh . . . it is only hair.


Jane said...

How long have you been growing your hair and what are you going to do with the hair you have cut off?

MLJ1954 said...

In 2002, I had 16 inches cut off and donated to Wigs for Kids. While I don't have 16 inches now, Pantene is doing a hair donation thing which only requires 8 inches. I will probably have about 10 cut off anyway.