Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mystery Yarn Ball Swap

Here, finally, is a picture of my yarn ball swap, that I received from Jane, on the day I opened the box. What a great swap! I love doing this! Since then, I've knit up the project, mostly, and have all of the treasures revealed. I'll post another picture once my DH does the photography. Jane sent me two books by an author I've not read before, so I'm really looking forward to them. She sent me a bookmark made for this group (which is now holding my place in The Last Kashmeri Rose), a cute Easter decoration, yummy treats, and do you see the purple yarn, and the purple egg with another tiny mystery project, and the purple bag to hold all the goodies, then later groceries? When the picture was taken, I hadn't opened the pattern, but since then I have, and even the pattern is a mystery! I didn't know what I was knitting until I knit it, and I even get to email Jane for more clues to finish up the piece. So I get to live my own mystery. Thank you, Jane!

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Stephanie... said...

If you don't want those truffles I'll take them...(always willing to go out of my way for a friend) what was the mystery project?