Monday, March 31, 2008

Mystery Ball Unraveled

I took the jump last weekend and bought my own camera. So, here are my very first photos: the goodies from the Mystery Swap. Even though I got them out of the yarn myself, I'm not quite sure how Danielle got them in there! There are a variety goodies ranging from knitting notions to candy to self care. Of special note--that little spot of blue is a remnant of Malabrigo, which I have never before seen or touched, let alone knit with! And in the center is the famous rubber chicken, which as you can see was not rescued from the yarn soon enough, poor thing. Oh! And I got a scarf out of it! All in all a great knitting time. Thanks, Danielle!
- Sharon in sunny California

1 comment:

danielle said...

Have you checked out the little surprise in the rubber chicken? Grossed out people...but I thought it was hysterical! I am so impressed that you finished the scarf already!!! Can I send you mine to finish??????

I have to admit - it was hard to part with that bit of Malabrigio. Picked it up at Stitches West. But knew there wasnt anything I was going to do with it except occassionally pat it - but now that I have patted it - I realize why people are gaga over it!