Saturday, February 02, 2008

Whoduknit Mystery Yarn Ball Swap


We had fun with this one last year, so I thought we'd try it again. Here is how it works:

You will send your pal:
1. A mystery Book
2. A mystery pattern for a small one-skein project and
3. A ball of yarn to knit the project with. is the fun part. You will wind small treasures up into the ball of yarn. Some of the treasures can be knitting related, such as stitch markers, row counters, stitch holders etc, but others can be treats to eat, vintage buttons, beads, ribbons, charms, anything at all that will fit into the ball of yarn. We had some pretty amazing things come out of our mystery balls in the last swap! You can check the blog archives (October 06) to see some of them. When you receive your mystery yarn ball and mystery pattern, you will knit the pattern, and as you knit, your treasures will fall out. It is a good idea to put the yarn ball into a basket or knitting bag so that you don't lose anything! When you are done, you can post pictures of all of your goodies and your finished project one the blog. Sound like fun? Here is how you sign up:

e-mail me ( and include:

1. Your whole name and address
2. An e-mail address that you check frequently
3. Your blog address if you have one
4. Your promise that you will fulfill your commitment in this swap, and that if at any time you find that you are unable to do so, you will contact me so that I can find an angel. It's no fun to be flaked out on in a swap!

This swap is open to Whoduknit members only.
Sign- ups will begin now and end on February 10.
Deadline for mailing will be March 10.
Packages should arrive no later than the first day of spring - March 21

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