Sunday, February 17, 2008

Love is... entry (Ashleah from MD)

Love is...

Wearing a horrid sweater, marked with many errors, just because it was the first sweater your girlfriend made and she gave it to you.

Learning to love said sweater over time, and wearing it any chance you can get.

Asking her to make you another sweater, now that she's had about two more years' experience with two pointy sticks.

Receiving the new sweater but wearing the old one more often, because you find you like it better.

Finding the flaws endearing and interesting, just like your girlfriend.

Dedicated to John.

p.s. You said it had to be up by Sunday, February 16, but Sunday is the 17th! Hope I'm still okay.

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Jane said...

That was just a test LOL. I realized today that the date didn't match the day - but I meant for it to be Sunday - so you are on time!