Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Case of the Purloined Stash (part 2) ending

Marielle was eating so much this week for the final assignment that she gained weight and could not wear the special camouflage jacket that Patty bought for her to wear on the next leg of the journey. She wanted to in make sure the package will arrive safely with Puss-n-boots in Ohio. She didn't want to have to stop and grab a bite on the way. She knew that everyone was depending on her so she agreed to wear the "store" bought sweater to keep her warm. Everything was ready to go. The package was on its way up north. Marielle is making sure that Puss receives the package and will head right back. She will tell Puss that it is a bunch of knitting books so that in case Puss gets curious. She doesn't want her to get into the box and have fun with whats inside before Mary Lynn can get her chance to play with the yarn. Just so that Mary Lynn can recognize the package, Marielle has left her paw prints on the outside. If the prints are missing someone got into the package. So be very careful when checking the package out.


Mary Lynn said...

Its a lucky thing that she is wearing a coat since it is 1 degree here with a wind chill that is dropping down to about 20 below.

The advantage of it being cold is that Shadow is only interested in laying in the sun!

Deb Brown said...

Ripley would have had to wear two sweaters and a coat to head up