Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Case of the Purloined Stash - OHIO

Marielle managed to deliver the package and slip away before Shadow caught sight of her. Even though Shadow has been diligent about keeping an out for Marielle and the package, she must have been dozing. Plus, we have to remember that Shadow is, after all, nine years old. Plus, there was the fact that it has been bitterly cold here.
I am sure Marielle will be regaling you with stories about her trip to the bitter north coast. Above is the current weather map for the area. The great big blue blob is Lake Erie which is, right now frozen at least past the breakwall. "Burke" refers to Burke Lakefront Airport which is, right by my office, less than 1/2 mile. I live closer to Elyria. Anyway, the temperature at 2:00 p.m. today was 8 degrees. When Marielle delivered the package yesterday, it was 2 degrees and she was especially glad that she had been overindulging in preparation for her trip North. Nevertheless, the box came flying into the mailbox, Marielle, mumbled something about "you people are all friggin nuts," and off she went. Shadow on the other hand rolled over, licked her paw and said "am I going somewhere warm?"

The yarns in the box are fabulous even Shadow was pleased with the selection, the colors, the textures. Fortunately, I squirreled the box away to the bathroom (the only place in our house where there is any privacy) and sorted through the STASH. Also, since I keep mucho of my personal stash in the bathroom shower (it also doubles as an off-season closet), it gave me the perfect opportunity to switch out some of the yarn. Shadow did, however, insist that I send along a yarn called "Shadow." Besides the fact that the yarn matches her name, she made it clear that she thought it was ridiculous that I would have a sock yarn! There is nothing more annoying than a know-it-all cat!


Jane said...

Ummm - you keep your stash in the bathroom shower? Must make for interesting showers for your family in the morning LOL.
Congratulations on a job well done Marielle - have a safe trip home! Go back to sleep Shadow!

Deb Brown said...

I bet Shadow loves the shower...lol, just lounging in the yarn.

Mary Lynn said...

The shower is in the master bathroom. When it leaked (into the living room ceiling), we discovered that the only way to fix it was tear out the ceiling in the living room and the wall in the bathroom. So, it has become storage/closet and, because it has a full length glass door, it keeps prying paws out of my stash.