Friday, February 02, 2007

The Case of the Purloined Stash # 3

Usually, my cat glares at me. This is usually how I am greeted by her! She hates me but then again, it is justified as I am her evil Mother ~ I am the one who takes her to the vet and does the flee dips. Oh, and I don't allow her to play with my yarn (we actually had a huge argument the one time about how my yarn stash was totally off limits . . . she was unreasonable and I have to admit that I did tell her that her coat could be spun into a lovely yarn). She hates me, seriously!

She never ever comes to greet me. Oh, no. In fact, she usually runs . . . and how is it that she always knows when it is vet time again. On most occasions, I have to don a long-sleeve hooded sweatshirt, gloves (gauntlets work really well) and corner her. And she always knows. Even when I am not donned in my "taking to the vet" or "flee dip" gear, she avoids me, gives me a dirty look, flips her tail and saunters off.

So, you can imagine my surprise when last evening, she greeted me. She didn't run off. She was actually waiting for me on the step between the kitchen and the garage. You cannot even begin to imagine my surprise when she told me that she had received a message from Marielle. It was a coded message. She was told to keep a look out for Marielle and a purloined stash box. She said that at first she was truly annoyed as she doesn't do fetch and carries for anyone, especially me and for a dog . . . seriously, what could I have been doing or thinking. Of course, then again, she does have a certain affinity to the Blue Bird Clan . . . if you catch my drift. They have been having and on-again, off-again relationship for years. She tries to leap on them and they take off. She finds it very frustrating, especially when there is a glass pane between them!

Anyway, I digress. It appears from the message, that the purloined stash is on its way to Ohio. I am so looking forward to it. But more importantly, it is vital that Marielle gets a message to NOT tell Shadow what is in the box. If she learns that it is yarn, the purloined stash will be truly gone forever!!


Jane said...
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Jane said...

Oh No! I hope that Shadow does not steal the stash!!!!

Pati said...

Marielle is packing for the trip to the post office!

Deb Brown said...

Not only do we have to worry about the post office, but Shadow too!

Marielle, will do a great job, she is a wonderful agent.