Monday, December 28, 2009

Favorite Ornament

How to decide? The Waterford ornament? The green Christmas bells that my parents had - and my mom use to put on earring wires and wear??? Balleek?

Then I thought about my mantel ornaments that I put up this year....the Holy Family that I bought one year when we couldnt really afford it....or the handmade ones here (the circular ones hanging) that I made for each of the kids one year...or the Santa collection which includes 2 that my mom made (she was REALLY into ceremics!! LOL). But then I decided. See at the top of the mantel clock??? That card that is kinda wrinkled, faded, and blurred??? My son made that years ago....we think he was in either 1st or 2d grade (why the heck didnt I write a date one it???!!!) and I found it again this year in one of my ornament boxes. So this year it is the card!

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