Monday, September 14, 2009


Well it seems I am doing an awful lot of apologizing today in posts about being so tardy in putting in photos. I try to make sure I acknowledge my packages when received but I must get better at putting in the full posts with photos.

I received a wonderful bottle swap package from Danielle. She did include a bottle.

BUT the bottle was in a BOX. She wrote she was glad I had won the prize for my handcuffs and chosen what I did as she was not only my bottle swap partner but was sending me my prize. Since she sending me the prize she was able to ship in a box and NOT have to stuff everything in the bottle.

Look at what I pulled out of the bottle.

Here is a close up of this wonderful bag in PINK stripes with cotton yarn.

I also received these wonderful items. YUMMY candies. Can you guess how long the American Hershey Bar with Nuts lasted? AND most of the Jelly Bellys are gone also. There are just a few remaining and, of course, the black licorice are still in the box for anyone who comes to visit and likes black licorice. We won't even mention the length of time it took to eat the Ghiradelli candy bar as large as it was.

Included in my package was a mystery I haven't read yet which is now on my to read list, a case to put my straight long knitting needles in, some fiber wash, tissues with my initial, a notepad, and a lovely card.

BUT that wasn't all I received. Here is more goodies. I found a small Americana emery board which has been put to use already, another note pad, a small 2010 calendar to clip on my bag, Brittany DPNs another favorite brand of mine (I can never have enough DPNs) and then three skeins of wonderful yarn by Twisted Sisters.
Here is a close up of the yarn which is a combination of rayon (52%) and cotton (48%). Just look at the color.

I chose the crossword puzzle book Over 70 Murder Mystery Murder Crosswords as my prize for the handcuffs. It is a very interesting crossword book. I dived right into it as soon as I received it.

Again thank-you Danielle for a great package.

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danielle said...

Am glad you liked everything - and am glad the chocolate made it thru the heat! The yarn is all the same dyelot - according to the label - but it sure doesnt look like it to me! Maybe just the way it is skeined!