Saturday, September 19, 2009

UPS Truck Yarn Delivery Murder

Hugh Dunnit is back again with a murder mystery to solve and he needs your help!

John Harmony has accused UPS Delivery man, Merlin Granite of murdering his wife. Harmony claims that he had been outside watering his backyard garden for half an hour when he noticed a UPS truck parked in his garage. He went over to investigate hoping that it was not another package of yarn for his wife. They were quickly running out of room to store all of her yarn stash and he had warned her repeatedly not to order any more yarn. He walked through the open door of the garage and into the kitchen where he found Granite strangling his wife with a piece of extra bulky merino wool. He called 911 but the medics were not able to revive Mrs. Harmony. Granite was arrested and taken down to the station house where Lt. Hugh Dunnit was questioning him.
Granite claimed that he drove to the Harmony's house to deliver a package. He knew the package was from Knitpicks and that Mrs. Harmony would be anxiously waiting for it. He had delivered many Knitpicks packages to her in the past. He spent a couple of minutes in his truck filling out delivery reports and then got out with the package. As he walked past his truck he noticed that his front wheels were parked on the garden hose which ran from an outlet by the garage round to the back of the house. Granite claims that he got back in the truck and pulled it into the garage a few feet so that his wheels were not on the hose. He noticed the door between the kitchen and the garage was open and he saw Mrs. Harmony lying on the floor by the stove. He ran over to her and was trying to untie the yarn around her neck when Mr. Harmony came through the door an accused him of strangling his wife.
Which man was telling the truth? Help Lt. Dunnit by e-mail your answer to me at before midnight, on Friday, September 25 for a chance to win a reward!

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