Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Thank you Penny!

I stopped at the PO this morning to mail some things and noticed a bottle in a tote with the other mail that was being sorted. "Is that my bottle?" Would you believe that I was the only person in town getting a bottle in the mail today? LOL. The mailman gladly handed it to me - one less thing for him to deliver! It did look a little bit odd though -

Then I realized she had taped two bottles together - very ingenious Penny! It was taped securely, to say the least and it took some very careful cutting to get it open.

As soon as I was able to pop off the top goodies started falling out.

Penny is an expert at stuffing bottles! There were some Avon goodies (from the Avon Lady!)Moisture Therapy, body lotion and shower gel, plus a cute little pen that looks like a tube of lipstick and an emery board. A tape measure (never can find mine!) and some tapestry needles, a tube of glass beads (can't wait to start another beaded knit project), a cute little book "Words of Wine and Wisdom" A 'bendy pencil", Cat on the Edge by Shirley Rousseau Murphy, which I haven't read, some Magpie wool yarn in a shade of green that I love (a felting project for sure!) some well wrapped chocolate candy and the cutest little lamb that I just love!

Thank you so much Penny for a really great bottle swap - you are a spoiler!!!!

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danielle said...

What a stinker! To tape two bottles together! Why didnt I think of that??!!!!