Thursday, January 22, 2009

Violet The Guilty Sheep


Violet the Guilty sheep was arrested on January 21st, 2009 for the theft of a Violet colored blanket. Thanks to the brilliant detectuives, the Dunnit's, Violet was caught red (or violet) handed with the goods on her back. It was "sheer" astute detective skills that kept this crime from unraveling and brought this mystery to an end, even Sherlock Holmes would have been proud.

Hugh Dunnit was quoted saying " It was just a matter of sewing the pieces together, even the smallest clue played a part in this tail."

Violet the sheep admitted to her guilt but smiled as they took her away saying " Can you blame me, I mean really, this blanket matched my eyes perfectly."

Violet was sentenced to community service, she will be donating wool to local yarn shops for the rest of her life.


kadezmom said...


The herd's tongues will be spinning tales for days!!!

Jane said...

ROTFL!!!! Violet is adorable - how could anybody prosecute her!

scarlet834 said...

I wasn't able to participate in this mystery because of compelling urgencies at work, but this is just marvelous!

Joyce said...

I love it! Even when I can't keep up with the knitting, I at least THINK about knitting . . . and now this one is going to be made up for my LYS owner, I think, who has sheep all over her shop. And for me, too :). I love how the story is written.