Monday, January 19, 2009

Clue #6 - The Mystery is Solved!

Open up Evidence Bag A and take a look at it. You should have a rectangle that looks something like this:
See the four little rectangles on each corner of the larger rectangle? Those are legs and the purl side of them should be facing you.

Now - fold the right side of the rectangle over to meet the legs on the left side. Now you have a body with four legs - right? Weave the stitches on one side of the rectangle together - this is the front of the body. The legs are still dangling. Fold them in half and roll them up and weave them together. Then sew up the bottom seam and stuff the body through the back end. If you have fiberfill use that - if not, you can use the leftover yarn from Suspect #1, then sew it up.
Next remove Exhibit B from the evidence bag. This, in case you haven't noticed, is a head. Make a running stitch around the edges, stuff lightly and pull tightly. Remove the ears and tail from evidence bag C and sew the ears onto the head. Use the brown yarn to embroider eyes and mouth. If you don't know how to embroider, just make an X for the eyes and a straight line for the mouth. Sew the head to one side of the body and the tail to the other. In evidence bag D, you have, of course a sweater. Try it on your sheep. Sew a few stitches up the front and slip it over his head. Turn the garter stitch rows down to make a collar. Sew the back seam up leaving a hole for the tail.
This pattern is adapted from Frankie Brown's "Sheep in Sheep's Clothing" - I re-wrote the pattern and made some changes, but if you post a photo of your sheep, please give credit to Frankie Brown (pattern on Ravelry).

And here is the guilty sheep. He broke into the yarn shop and stole the wool to make himself a sweater. But don't be too hard on him - he lives in Maine and he was cold! Take good care of him. You might want to make him a few more sweaters - or better yet - some friends to play with!

Hope you enjoyed this Mystery KAL!


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