Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Trick or Treat Swap Picture

Thanks, Danielle, for a wonderful swap! I posted earlier about what was sent, but here is the picture.

On the top when I opened the box was a pattern for a Seafoam Lace and Eyelets Scarf, which is lovely. And the yarn to make it is three colors: orange Knit Picks "Vacation" (I've never used Knit Picks yarn before, and I'm excited to work with this), a multi-colored orange/yellow, aqua Knit Picks "Get Away", and Bernat glow in the Dark (my knitting DD promptly held it under the light then hunched over it to see if it really does glow in the dark, and it does). These colors are my youngest DD's absolute favorite colors, and I can't wait to make the scarf for her.

There is, excuse me, WAS, a popcorn ball, and a Pez jack-o-lantern candy dispenser (back to my childhood I go!), some Livermore mints, a cute little coin purse (maybe to hold the stitch markers when I'm not using them?), a candy corn comedian which is a stuffed candy-corn that tells jokes, a ghost pin and some adorable ghost stitch markers, which, I found out when I was putting away my knitting for the evening, also glow in the dark. There is a very sweet crocheted butterfly magnet, a very cute Thanksgiving pumpkin decoration, which now adorns my decorative shelf in the kitchen, and two books by one of my favorite mystery authors, Leslie Meier, Trick or Treat Murder (how perfect is that?!), and Turkey Day Murder (looking ahead to next month).

Danielle, thank you so much! I feel very spoiled, and I love it! Oh, and there is one more thing, a little glitter sign that says: Best Witches!

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