Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Thank You Joyce!

I received my summer swap package from Joyce today - and what a bargain shopper she is! When I opened the box the first thing I found was this wool sweater.

Joyce suggested that I might want to felt it and make a bag out of it. It's a beautiful sweater - but wouldn't it make a beautiful felted bag!

Next was this tote bag - nice and big and room with a big zippered pocket in the front. What a great project bag this will make!

And look inside! Two skeins of Navy wool yarn, one skein of Dazzle ribbon yarn (the two of them together would make a great felted something!) Three skeins of a cream colored yarn, and two skeins of a multi-colored yarn. Then there were some vintage knitting magazines and booklets. I just love looking through old knitting patterns - so many of them are classics that just never go out of style. And there was more! Three books - two Agatha Christie's and one Anne Perry - both authors I love and books I haven't read. Not done yet! In the pocket of the tote bag there were some raspberry chocolates (no I'm not sharing them) and an invitation to come to her house and knit and nibble on a bowl of them, and some beautiful stitch markers that her DD made, and a cute little pen to go with the notepad.

Thank you Joyce - You are a super bargain hunter and a super friend!

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