Thursday, September 13, 2007

Finally a picture!

Before the autumn swap gets underway, I wanted to be sure to post pictures, finally, of the lovely things Penny sent to me for the summer swap. She did a great job of finding wonderful bargains, and it felt like Christmas or my birthday, or something when I got the box. Here are all of them together. Don't they look enticing? I loved it how she left prices on them so I could see how wisely she spent her $10.

On the left are several wonderful kinds of yarn, and I can think of lovely things to knit with them. In the center you can see the three mystery books. Patricia Wentworth is an author I have never read, but am greatly looking forward to reading. And the Jill Churchill book is one I've heard about but never been able to get, so I'm thrilled! Lovely hand-crocheted doilies are there, very colorful and pretty. I love them! There is a children's knitted patterns book on the right, sort of hiding a beautiful tote that will be perfect to hold the projects in progress. There is also a Ronco loom to make flowers, which should be lots of fun to try, and a cute notebook with Nancy Drew on the cover. And finally, there is a tube of hand cream (one of my favorite kinds, actually). Thank you so much, Penny!

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Jane said...

That was great bargain hunting Penny!