Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I have to admit that I was going to be very clever and find something warm and fuzzy from the internet to post about Thanksgiving. However, I couldn't and didn't, therefore, you are left with what is coming from my heart.

I have always loved Thanksgiving.
I have loved the idea of having family near.
I love the smell of roasting turkey.
I enjoy the good food and the remembering of grand childhood.
I love the eating and laughter (and we laugh a lot).
I love the fact that we are not only joining together to break bread
but to join together in prayer.
We pray for the food and our health.
We pray for those we love who are gone never to return.
We pray for our family members who are not joining us on this day.
We pray that they return safely to us soon.

I thank you for this internet, knitting, mystery friendship.
And, I wish for you my friends, a joyous Thanksgiving.
May you and those you love be blessed with a wonderful day.

God bless,

Mary Lynn

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Jane said...

That was beautiful Mary Lynn - thank you!