Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ms. Duknit Returns!

Those of you who participated in the Mystery Yarn contest several months ago will remember Ms.Duknit, who found an orphaned skein of yarn in her garden and called upon our Whoduknit sleuths to help her identify it and find it a good home. Now she is back with another mystery for us to unravel in the "Case of the Purloined Stash". She has been pretty secretive about it, and all she will tell me is that she will soon be recruiting Whoduknit detectives to help her solve this mystery.
She has also promised me that it will not require a lot of time or money - something we are all in short supply of at this time of year. I will pass along the details as she reveals them to me!

1 comment:

cindi said...

Yea! I almost guessed the colorway last time (darn my monitor!!!). Looking forward to the clues.