Friday, November 10, 2006

My mystery ball

I received my mystery ball a while ago but just forgot to post on this blog. D'oh!
I haven't yet finished the project as it was a lovely felted bag and I am awaiting the sewing skills of my mum so she can line it for me. I promise that when it is 100% complete I will show all.
I am afraid that the excitment of the mystery over took me and I forgot to take a picture before any unravelling began,

My ball after aboout 1/3 of the yarn was unravelled.

These were the first two items to be revealed.

Here is the loot contained within the yarn, except the chocolate bar (very nice dark chocolate)and the glow in the dark vampire teeth (quickly swiped by karl, 24 going on 4! who had a whale of time with them) and the sugar and cream cotton. Also pictured is the ball of yarn once items were removed. I had great fun unwinding the yarn and loved the book - i have read it now nad it was really good, just shame that the series is not available in the UK. I also really liked the bunjy bookmark - which can be seen in use on the book. I am always loosing bookmarks because they fall out of the pages but this is brilliant. An excellent idea and I use it all the time!



Jane said...

What a great mystery ball. Was that book really in it? LOL Did you find out who your SP was? I had to do some investigating myself to find out who bagpus was!
The UK reference gave me a clue though. I'm glad you had so much fun with your mystery ball.

Bagpuss said...

I had great fun, and yes the book was in it, and it was an autographed copy. I really enjoyed reading it too. I think it was stephanie.. sorry ot my pal if it wasn't.