Monday, July 10, 2006

The tooth of time

I just started the book yesterday but my kids (20, 12 and 5) keep bothering me! I have yet to get far enough into it to figure out what I want to do as far as knitting goes. I am currently working on a Wallaby sweater for my youngest and a horrific hat for my 12 year old DD. She is increasingly upset that I keep frogging the whole thing. It is a Knit Wit pattern with lots of yarn changes, etc., and I've frogged it three times already. The sweater is relatively easy because it is straight knitting so I can multi-task while I do it.

We are leaving on a vacation in two weeks and I am planning on taking my knitting with me when I go. We will be gone for three weeks. Who knows, maybe we will get to visit many of the places mentioned in the book!


Jane said...

I have finished the book, but still haven't come up with a project for it. Of course the ultimate project would to be to knit the ruana from Cheryl Oberle's Handpaint Country book with hand-dyed yarn from Weaving Southwest - sigh... maybe if I hit the lottery! Have a great vacation and if you run into the real Pat Dozier at Weaving Southwest while you are on your vacation, tell her everyone from "Whodunknit" says hi!

Small Town Diva said...

I also just finished the book and think the only possible project is a ruana. Not sure I'm up to tackling that large a project right this minute. But I've always wanted one. Hope there's no deadline.
Also enjoyed Maxie and would enjoy reading more of her adventures. Sort of a Jessica Fletcher in an RV with a dog. Very cute.