Tuesday, July 04, 2006

It begins!!

Okay so I guess I should say where I have been- I have 3 kids - and have been busy all weekend since last thursday running them and dealing with stuff they pull. So I haven't had much time to get anything written here.

Anyhow- We are now reading Tooth of Time..which - confession time- my copy of has yet to arrive!
On the KAL part- we are going to be mentioned on Knit The Classics!! So I hope that we shall get some more people involved here too! I have been spinning my heart out - making yarn so I have enough for a local craft show this October. This will be the first time I do that so I am working on it.

On the Needles - I have a top down cardigan for my youngest daughter ( she is 9) that I have almost to the point of doing some ribbing.
So I am anxiously awaiting my copy of the book - and looking forward to having alot of fun with this!

Welcome one and all!!

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Jane said...

Hi Shell,
I'm about half way through Tooth of Time and have all sorts of projects dancing in my head - money and time will make most of them impossible though! Am I correct in assuming that this is where we post messages about projects, and the whodunknit forum is where we post book discussions?
Is there a way to put a link to the forum on this page? You know - one that you click on (you can tell I am not very blog literate!)
I know how busy you must be with three kids - but thanks for all the time you have put into this.