Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Naming the Knitalong

I had some technical difficulties with my email client this weekend, but I have most of it resolved. Shelly and I aren't going to start a forum until we've decided on what to call ourselves.

So far we have:
  1. Mysterious Yarns KAL - from Holiday Knitter

  2. Who Done Knit? or Whoduknit? - from Small Town Diva

  3. Nancy Drew Knitters -

  4. Perloined Patterns - from Smerga

  5. Killer Knitalong - from Opal

  6. Serial Knits - from Wendy

  7. K is for Knit - from museknits

  8. Knitting Mysteries - from jane

Would you all rather wait till the weekend to start voting or would you rather start voting now? Leave a comment with Now or Later :-)

Once we get a name, Shelly and I will start up a seperate forum for us to discuss the actual books.


Jane said...

Now or Later - doesn't matter to me :)
I agree that it is a good idea to keep the book discussion on a different forum than the project discussion so they don't get all mixed up.
Thanks for doing all this!

Jane said...
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Sharon said...

I like "Killer Knitalong". Gets right to the 'point'.

Maybe we could throw in a few movies every so often, i.e. the Margaret Rutherford ones, or the A&E productions, just for a little change of pace? If they're readily available to everyone.

Cindy B said...

I suggested "The Tangled Skein" but it doesn't seem to have gotten posted.