Sunday, July 18, 2010

Unraveled Lacey Solution

Unraveled Lacey
A Hugh Dunnit Mystery

Lt. Hugh Dunnit felt the cool east wind on the back of his neck as he knocked on the front door of the Boucle's house. In spite of the clear morning sunshine, he felt a chill as he looked at the three splintered bullet holes in the door. Sgt. Howie Dunnit (his brother) let Hugh into the house and Lacey Boucle explained what had happened the night before.
She said she had been afraid lately because she thought someone had been following her. She kept seeing a Burgundy Subaru in her rear view mirror. "I thought my husband was at work. His secretary, Miss Cashmere, called around six to tell me my husband would be working late yesterday. So when I heard someone at the front door, I was frightened. I thought someone was breaking in, so I got my husband's gun and I hid behind the door. When the door opened I saw a shadow fall across the floor. I knew someone had come into my house. I didn't wait to see who it was. I was too frightened. I shot through the door. When I looked around the door I couldn't believe I saw my husband lying dead on the floor. I became completely unraveled."
Lt. Hugh Dunnit looked at Sgt. Howie Dunnit and shook his head. "No, it wasn't an accident, was it Mrs. Boucle?" Lt. Dunnit asked.

Why didn't they believe her story?

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At 6pm, the shadow would be falling to the east not the west since the Boucle front door faces east. Lacey Boucle claimed she saw a shadow fall across the floor as the door opened. At that time of night a shadow would fall behind whoever was opening the door and Lacey would not see it. She needs to cast on a lawyer who can knit together a defense.

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