Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hi, remember me?

Just want to let you know I'm back with you, kind of. I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea, which explains where my energy for everything above and beyond work went to (and beginning to affect that, too). I'm doing much, much better now. I can't seem to get my hands on Laced with Magic, but I nabbed the audiobook of The Beekeeper's Apprentice, and because the library was so super efficient I have a jump on all of you with Fleece Navidad (I'm done). I do have a project in mind for Laced with Magic, anyway. Happy upcoming Halloween to all! I'll try to get gradually more involved again. You guys look like you have been having an awesome time.

Sharon C.


Jane said...

Welcome back Sharon!

Stephanie... said...

Good to "hear" from you. I've been somewhat in and out of here myself. Hope your doing better now.