Sunday, October 11, 2009

Halloween Swap

Here's my swap package from Nate.  I tried to get the headstone pic when it was lit up, but of course I can't show the light changing colors.  I've started the Batty dishcloth (since it is just too cute - see close up at right) and as soon as my mom leaves I plan to start reading Baby Grand.  That skull is really fun - it's a squishy stress ball and when you squeeze it, the eyes bulge out with the red "filling" of the skull.  Besides the Batty Dishcloth pattern, I also have patterns for a Frankenstein Head dishcloth and a pumpkin dishcloth, as well a a Cleopatra style wig, and then all the yarns to make each.  I put the ghouly bust by my computer, so I am not alone here in the back room.  My mom glombed onto the pumpkin spinner, so I'll have to wrestle that back from her when she goes back home!

Please note those roaches were part of the swap and not residents at my home, LOL.

Thanks, Nate! ~ Valerie K

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