Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mindy - WOW! - thank you so much!

First of all - look at the BONANZA of books! I have glanced thru them and I do not think I have read the majority of them! Yee Haw!

And a beautiful crocheted cowl and hat - yarn - popping corn (I love popcorn) and can you see the trail mix has candy corn and pumpkins in it?

I forgot to put a trick in my box - but Mindy was a little devil and included one!!

Awesome swap - thank you so very very much!!


danielle said...

AND......I jsut 'accepted' a book (gift) from Miny onto my Kindle! WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I am blessed!

danielle said...

Sneaky sneaky....I just examined, looked, felt and squeezed everything Mindy sent - and found some goodies hidden inside of the yarn!!! And I have finished one of the books (and am now searching for books in that series) and 1/2 way thru another of the ones she sent...I feel so blessed!