Thursday, September 01, 2011

Thank you!

Karen - what a wonderful surprise - got home from my trip to the PO mailing off my package - to find that I had recieved a WONDERFUL swap package!

Dont know if you can see it all - lovely lovely shawlette and some of the same yarn PANDA SILK! Yummy!!!! And the sock yarn, with which she knit my keychain, is lovely too! A book that looks very interesting- and no Karen, I have not read it! - maple candy AND maple syrup! - markers - and something that is very tantalizing - altho we have Tader Joe's, I have never noticed it before - sugar/chocolate/coffee beans in a grinder - they suggest grinding it over cakes, cupcakes, ice!

Karen, thank you for a most wonderful package!

And I love that you used the bags to pad everything - they will go with when he works at the food pantrynext - they can always use plastic bags!


Stephanie... said...

Great packge. The shawl is beautiful! I'll have to go find that goody at Trader Joe's. My current addiction there is the dark chocolate/caramel/Hawaiian sea salt candy bar.

Joyce said...

What a wonderful package! Do you know what pattern was used to knit the shawl? It's just lovely!