Wednesday, February 16, 2011

From Robbie - Swap Extravaganza

My swap package from Robbie was wonderful. 

The box was bursting with goodness.

The Noro Kureyon I was just looking at for a project for me.  There weren't labels for the other two yarns but they are luscious and lovely.

And then there was other fun stuff . . . candy (peanut butter cups, no less), sugar free peppermints (in a reuseable container which will be PERFECT for holding stitch holders, a great nail file with yarns on it, a bent head needle set (how did she know that I am always losing mine) and a 3 in 1 toold for checking gauge, needles and yarn recommendations.

and just to keep me happy when I'm not knitting, "The Egyptologist" by Arthur Phillips.  I read his book "Prague" and it was a great read.  Barbara Bretton's "Spun in Sorcery" the latest in the Chloe Hobbs series . . . you remember, Barbara Bretton left us hanging after the last book when the entire town of Sugar Maple disappeared.  And a Banana Grams calendar.  I so very much enjoy word puzzles.  Most days, I do the daily crossword puzzle and this looks like great fun. 

Thanks so much Robbie. 

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Stephanie... said...

What a great looking package. Let us know how the books are!