Sunday, April 05, 2009

Whoduknit Easter Egg Hunt

We're going on an Easter Egg Hunt! Want to join us? Search the blog and the Yahoo Group for the answers, then e-mail them to me (privately, NOT to the group!). by midnight on Saturday, April 11. All of the correct answers will go into a drawing for this mini-felted Easter Basket full of goodies, including an illusion bunny dishcloth. No, you won't get it in time for Easter (unless of course I hand-deliver it - you just never know!).

1. What was the most fun that Shelly (Kadezmom) had in ages?

2. What yarn and colorway did Patt use in Traveling Baby Blanket #3?

3. What was Aunt Kathy's Casting spells project and who did she cast a spell on?

4. What was Penny munching on when she went on her Santa Cruise?

5. What is Joan's favorite Christmas ornament?

6. What would MaryLynn like us to do to "Save the Children"?

Now - hop, hop, hop on over to the Whoduknit Yahoo Group Homepage and search some more! (Hint: You will need to search the files, database, polls, and links)

7. Whose books did the group read last April (2008)

8. Who knows where to find vintage knitting patterns?

9. Who is Knitted Zebra on Ravelry?

10. Who donated two skeins of Austermann Torino wool/acrylic blend, super bulky, orange/brown/ to the prize locker?

11. What are the names of the books we voted on in the poll for our December, 2008 book?

12. Who posted message #4000 on the Yahoo Group?

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