Sunday, August 12, 2007


I finished my project for the The Virgin of Small Plains. I knit a red parrot.
My parrot got away also and there wasn't a tornado here. We had very heavy winds the other day but not a tornado. I went looking for my parrot. I found him in the bushes but was unable to catch him and bring him home until it got dark when I found him sitting on the fence. See photos below for the story of finding my parrot.
Here he is hiding in the bushes.

I sneaked up on him when he was in full site.
I am getting close to him but he has that look on his face. She sees me and I've got to get out of here fast or she will take me home before I am ready.
Now it is dark and I am ready to go home. If I sit here my mom will find me. Oh there is my mom and I am ready to go home.
Yes this is exactly like it is on my blog. Sorry but I liked my story and didn't want to write another but I do have other stuff on my blog so feel free to check it out at

I am going to mail out my whoduknit tag sale swap Monday. I hope my partner likes what I have managed to collect for her.

I am a swap junkie and I take swapping seriously!!!!!

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Jane said...

Love your parrot Penny!