Monday, March 12, 2007

Northern Lights Winner

After slogging through about 500 posts from Feb and early March to check for book comments, I have found a winner--Jane came out of the hat--and yes, that's the way I do it. Everyone's name goes in and my DH pulls one out. I'm pleased that so many of us liked Northern Lights.

One more reminder--PLEASE edit the subject line on your reply posts if the subject of conversation changes!

I have to say I am really enjoying March. The weather here in NC is glorious, I'm not sick anymore, I'm happily knitting my blanket square in screaming green--dug out some old Knitter's magazines (#61-67) with the patterns for the Great American Aran Afghan, and loving our March book!

Speaking of patterns, another great source of 12" Aran squares is the St. Patrick's Day Afghan designed several years ago by members of the Aran list. You can find 16 patterns which have permission for charity knitting at

If some of you are still looking for Haunted Ground, it is available as an audio download from several sources. The recording is fantastic--thanks to Stephanie for nominating a real March treat. The narrator's accent takes me right to Ireland. I'll post a critique prize list later.


Jane said...

Thanks Janet! And thanks for the link to the St. Patrick's Day afghan.

Stephanie... said...

Thanks for the link--there are some great squares. thanks, too for g iving me credit for the March book. As I had not read it, it easily could have backfired. Whew!!!